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I conducted a research survey and they completed the questions and responded to emails in a timely
manner. Their emails were always pleasant and polite. Would definitely hire them again; highly
recommend to other employers.

Shauna Grant

They are the best contractor I have worked with yet! They are prompt, thorough, very
communicative and the consummate professional. They exceeded my expectations and I plan to
work with them again very soon.

Hannah Ash

Very excellent team. Communication was constant and they gave frequent updates to ensure the
project was completed to my specifications. The end result was exactly what I needed.

Tanner Rankin

PICONETS Team was phenomenal. Was available for communication every single day, adhered
to all the tasks I sent them. There was slight learning curve due to the type of work involved, but
once they picked everything up it was clear sailing. Would definitely recommend PICONETS.

Justin Clifford

They did terrific work. We used their ideas immediately. Despite a short-notice task, they
actually got the work to us *early*. Fantastic job.  Many thanks!

Mr. Chuck

The team has been excellent to work with over a long period of time. They have progressed from
simple data entry, to complex data analysis and I’m very pleased with the overall performance of
the PICONETS team.

Tony Corrigan

PICONETS is the best Company you could hire. They are very friendly, knowledgeable,
dependable and great at their job. Will hire again for next project. Perfect.

Sheena Ingle

Excellent Company. Easy to communicate with and has always adhered to or exceeded

Tanner Rankin

They are smart virtual assistant to have on any high-performance team. They are a no-frills chap
who takes the initiative to bring things to closure. They give regular updates on every task.
Learns quickly. They saved us a few hundred dollars through their sharp project execution.

Prabhu rajshekaran

Just fantastic. I highly recommend.

David Phillips