Data Entry Services

Data Capture Services

Data capture services refer to collecting, formatting, arranging and intercepting of data from a physical format to electronic format. Mainly it includes scanned data to be entered into an electronic device and stored. The main perspective of this is to store and organize all data to the highest effective level. A companies data is a hard raw piece of information in physical format. Such as files, documents, images, surveys and much more. All these data need to be stored at someplace to be safe and organized for future usage. So, data capture services are very important for any corporation.

Data capture is possible from any physical format. Because they are visible and present at the corporation’s hand. But the hard part is capturing them. Because taking a physical data and turning it into electronic format is a hard job. So, companies are hiring professionals to do this job. A companies future depends on the data it has. Because all that data will lead to the information of their market research and customer feedback. Also, it will include the expenses and payments to the employees and other companies.

So, for data capture services companies hire professionals. Just to make sure that the captured data is in the highest level of quality. So, now you know why you need data capture services and also you know why you should hire a professional. To make sure that the captured data is fruitful for your business perspective. And only a professional can make sure of that. But the real dilemma is to find a professional who can perform the job in the best way. Let’s help you with that to find a professional data capture service provider to do your job perfectly and precisely.

Let PICONETS Do Data Capture Services for You

PICONETS are a GST and Professional Tax Department certified team of experts who know how to do data capture services. And in the best way. Our experts have been working in this sector for the past 7 years with us. We have a number of clients. If you ask any of them to review us, they will recommend us to you for any kinds of technical support. Because we guarantee 100% job success and client satisfaction. That’s why our clients are 100% highly satisfied with our output and support. To make sure that our guarantee stands, before starting the project we will give you a chance of free demo. With this, you can check our quality and show us exactly what you want. This will enable us to be one step closer to deliver you your wanted output of the project.

Also, we will cross-check the output before delivering to you. This is our method to maintain quality from our end. If you choose PICONETS to do data capture services for you, you can remain calm and relaxed as our experts will work for you 7 days a week just to make sure you get what you’ve asked for. We will convert –

  • Survey Forms
  • Research Forms
  • Scanned Invoices
  • Bills
  • Photographs
  • Checks
  • Directories
  • Business Cards
  • Health Records
  • Charts
  • Graphs Questionnaires
  • Applications
  • Websites

Above mentioned commodities have a lot of information that needs to be converted to the electronic method. All these information has to be very precise to input and create a data entry further. So, a professional should handle this. We, PICONETS promise 100% strict job success. For that our experts will work on the whole project time frame. So, be aware of your success because our success is your success.