Data Security & Confidentiality

While everyone is looking for data security you might not know what it is. Because everyone is not aware of the security issues. Data Security is the method of keeping your important data safe. Many people provide this service. Without this service, you cannot maintain the safety of your data. And if you cannot maintain that, people will misuse your data. If you’re struggling to find the answer of how to keep my data secure struggle no more.

The answer is Data Security and Confidentiality. Whenever you’re creating a content on the internet, you gotta make sure that people who can see it, don’t have the right to use those data. Rather if they wanna use it, have to give you credit first. In the offices’ computers, there are a lot of data. Some use company intranet or open internet server to store everything they have. It takes less space to store data in that way. But there’s a big risk of a security in this matter.


Lets PICONETS Do Data Security & Confidentiality for You

PICONETS is a GST certified, Professional Tax Department certified and Shops and Establishment Department certified organization who have somewhat a 100% accuracy in Data Security and Confidentiality. We have many features that might catch your mind –

  • Volume Data Entry Service.
  • Conversion of files to PDF so that it’s readable on a computer.
  • Open-end Research Coding.
  • OCR cleanup and Scanning.
  • Oder processing and bulk bill.
  • Indexing and Abstracting so that all data is listed.
  • Insurance Claim.
  • Remote Verification and Online Data Entry.
  • HTML, XML and SGML Coding with DTD Design.

The data entry can be on paper, old images and other handwritten or printed documents. The output will be computer readable documents like TXT, PDF, DOC, HTML, COBOL, ASCII etc. So, that’s how we will do the data entry. Let’s have a look at PICONETS Data Security Features –

PICONETS Data Security Features –

  • First of all, Strict Non-disclosure and Non-compete agreements for all employees.
  • Prohibition to unauthorized entry.
  • Well Protected document storage facility.
  • No unauthorized access is granted in the system area so that no one can enter.
  • Written permission is necessary to take data in or out.
  • Each personnel will have a secured and different password to access the data.
  • Finally, responsibilities will be strictly defined and overlapping is strictly prohibited.

PICONETS Confidentiality Features –

  • First of all, all the provided data is the property of the client only.
  • All the provided data is highly and strictly confidential.
  • PICONETS agrees that the company staff will never disclose any data to any 3rd party or so.
  • And Finally, All raw data printout and images will solely be the possession of our respective client.

In conclusion, we will provide these features to our clients. PICONETS guarantees 100% security of the data and proper confidentiality. We will assure that there is no leak of data from our end. We will make sure only the authorized persons can check the data. It’s a safety measure to make sure the data is okay. Only a written permission letter from our client will be considered as a token for letting people enter the storage facility to make changes or just to check.

In this way, we will be able to maintain high-security. Because the security of our clients’ data is our main priority. As we guarantee 100% security, you would have to maintain the conditions as well. Otherwise, there may be a leak of data. So, make sure you and your people have the whole idea of PICONETS Data Security and Confidentiality. Because, if they know, they will be cautious enough to maintain the conditions. It will be helpful for us to keep your data safe and sound.

If you want us to do Data Security for you, contact us. Because we will maintain 100% data security.