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Email marketing is one of the best ways for generating leads to a website. It will take ages to get viewers from Google with an organic keyword. And the paid keywords cost a fortune. You can try to give ads on Facebook and other social medias. But the truth is that it’s not really worth the money. Ultimately you will need a lot of viewers and without them, you will not be able to generate revenue for your website. So what’s the next best solution? Using an email marketing service provider.

email marketing

Email marketing has been proven one of the most effective ways to get visitors to a website. Through emails, you can directly get in touch with people and engage them to your website. If you post an article on your website, it will be published on the internet, but it’ll take a lot of time for Google to index it. After indexing, if you qualify their standards(which no one really knows about) and get lucky enough, you can get ranked on the top pages. It takes almost 5 to 6 months and consistent updating of an article to reach the first page of Google Search Results. By the side, there are many more factors, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Backlinks and much more.

If you want to generate leads which will convert into revenue, then you need email marketing. Email marketing is the best way to generate leads. If you are able to generate enough leads, they will automatically start to increase revenue. Because if your website is available to a lot of people, some of them will be interested to buy your product or get your service. So concentrate on email marketing. Because it’s hard to generate views during the first season of blogging.

Another process to generate quick leads is Social Media Marketing.

What PICONETS Can Do For You

PICONETS are here with this great service for you. Generally, it’s really hard to maintain an email marketing program all by yourself while you are writing on your blog. You cannot do two works at a time, you have to choose one. You cannot rely on some average people to maintain the content quality of your website. You have to maintain that yourself. So, give the email marketing job to a professional who guarantees success. It’s will not only increase your revenue but also you will have a lot of regular readers of your website outside of Google. Now you can concentrate more on the content quality and we PICONETS will take care of the lead generation part.

This email marketing service is specially provided to them who don’t have enough time for themselves. People always have much more things to do. If you’re thinking that you need a professional who has a reputation of generating leads for many websites you can count on us. PICONETS have always proven our potential to our clients. No one can say we didn’t do our jobs properly. Because we will work on your website as in it were ours. PICONETS are very professional about this. Also, PICONETS care more about client satisfaction.

So if you want us to be your email marketing service provider contact us. We will give you the best email marketing service.

By choosing our Email Marketing service, you will have –

  • More Leads
  • More Visitors
  • Increased number of Readers
  • Better Revenue

Because we will deliver the best service to you. Contact us now, rather than wasting time thinking how you will do it.