Data Entry Services

Image Data Entry Services

Data Entry is one of the most important things of our daily life. Because we need to record each and everything that will help us in future. Without doing data entry your tasks will be going to be tough for you. There is thousands type of data entry but you need to do your desired one. Among all of these data entry tasks, Image Data Entry is one of the most important tasks that everyone needs to do. Like you are running a website and that website contains a lot of images then definitely you need to take the Image Data Entry Services. Because by any chance if you lose these images then again you can able re-upload these images.

Image Data Entry

Before hiring a professional for doing these things definitely, you need to check that they are reliable or not. Because if they are not reliable then you will lose your money and time both. So, you need to find reliable outsourcing companies or professional freelancers for doing all these stuff perfectly. Otherwise, people will steal your money and without doing the task properly. We can suggest you one thing that is before hiring someone must check their resume works and previous works feedbacks. Then it will help you choose the perfect company for you.

Benefits of Image Data Entry Services

There are a lot of benefits of image data entry services. The very first thing is professionals will save your time and money which will be helpful for you. They will help you to save your operating costs more than sixty to seventy percent. Professionals will do all these things without a single mistake. If you want then they will convert your images to RTF, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and GIF formats. After formatting the images they will provide you these images through a CD or DVD. Also, if you want then they will help you to upload your images through cPanel FTP server. Professionals will not lose your information because their main goal is to satisfy their clients’. The most important thing is they will complete your projects within the deadline.

These are the most important benefits of this service. PICONETS will provide you these services with full perfection. Because as earlier we told you our main goal is to satisfy our clients’. So, you can trust on our works and simply handle your projects to PICONETS team. Don’t hesitate just simply contact us right now to get these tasks done.

Let PICONETS Do Image Data Entry Services For You

PICONETS are one of the leading outsourcing company in this world. They are also one of the top-rated outsourcing company in India. They have been providing different kinds of services all over the world. PICONETS have 100% Job Success Rate. So, you can easily trust on their work and handle your project to PICONETS. Because they can assure you that you will not be disappointed with their services. And before hiring them must check their resume works and previous works feedback which will help you to choose them. Don’t forget to ask them for a free quote or free trial work.

What PICONETS Will Do For You?

  1. We will provide you scan data entry services
    02. We will data entry all of the images to MS Excel Sheet or Google Spreadsheet
    03. We will data entry all of the images to a database
    04. We will do image capturing
    05. We will do image sorting
    06. We will do image keying
    07. We will do catalog image data entry
    08. We will extract all the data from the images
    09. We will do data capture from images
    10. We will do image indexing
    11. We will convert your images to different kinds of formats (If you want)
    12. We will image duplication check

These are the 12 most important things that PICONETS will do for you. They will follow all these 12 procedures to complete your project perfectly. Because their main goal is to satisfy their clients’ with their work. And if you want then you can request them for a free quote or a free trial work. So, contact us right now and become one of our highly-satisfied clients. After getting our output, we’re sure that you will be referring PICONETS to others for image data entry services.