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Using this website and its services shows that you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of this site/company which are set by the governing committee of this company including all the relevant laws of the Government. Using our site and services also shows that you are agree on that “I am fully responsible for my own obedience with relevant national or international laws that may possibly related to visiting our site or our services that we offer on our company website  i.e. www.piconetsolutions.com. If you are incapable to agree with our any single Term or Condition then you are not allowed to access our website and to use of it’s any service or feature further more. All the related trademark and copyright laws to all property linked with and it’s materials available on this site.

Before going sign any web contract, please read and understand our Terms and Conditions for any of the above mentioned service.
  • We demand for 10% upfront payment of any web project and before going to start work on any web project.
  • After the successful implantation of any web project our company will not be accountable of any kind of up gradation excluding you sign a contract of its maintenance with our company.
  • We offer 7 days maintenance of web application.
  • Client should signed a document, Email, or any other type of acceptance letter(not verbal) that is according to national and international laws, for the design of a web.
  • After client approval we will not change/modify it and if customer insists to do so then company will demand for additional amount.
  • Logo designing is not the part of web designing.
  • Content writing is also not part of the web development or web designing.

In Search Engine Optimization we try our best to give your desire result but we cannot give 100% assurance to our client.

Use License

Permission will be given to those who use our product or any our service for a single use only. This is the permission of a license, not to change the title, and under this certificate you are not allowed:
  • To give our products or any other material to another party.
  • To recompile or reverse engineering in any form with our product.
  • To copy or modify our any product and content of this site without our official permission.
  • Remove any type of our proprietary symbol from our product.

License for our product will be revoked immediately if you want to violate any restriction and can be cancelled by at any stage in time. Upon cancelling the license you will be not allowed to use that product or service of our company and if you will find guilty then we will take all necessary legal actions against you.


Company does not offer any type of warranties on product and services.


Company will not be responsible and liable for any type of damages like loss in profit, data loss or steal except of that personal data that share with us at the time of registration.

Errata and modification

The products and services that are visible to clients on this website may possibly include technical, photographical, or typographical errors. Piconet Solutions does not guarantee that any of the product and service details (like Price, Duration of completion etc) on its site are complete, current and accurate. Piconet Solutions constantly may make updates to the products and services details at any time without any notice. However, Piconet Solutions does not promise to change the materials.


Piconet Solutions is not responsible for any website that can link back to its site because it is not possible for us to review and check every website that may have a link to our site. Therefore, we cannot give endorsement to the visitors and our clients for all those websites that might have a link to our site on their sites. Piconet Solutions is not accountable for any issue these sites may have.

Right of Modifications

Piconet Solutions reserves the right to amend our Terms & conditions for our company and its site at our discretion without any notice. Visiting our site right now shows that you agree with our all current Terms & Conditions.

Governing Law

Any claim of any one to Piconet Solutions shall be directed by the state (local) and international laws.

If you have any confusion or any quires regarding our Terms & Conditions then please contact us with in office hours.