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SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is the main key to success for a website/blog. Everyone wants to do proper SEO on their website. But sometimes they can’t able to do this because of lack of time or knowledge. So, you must need a proper website audit for your blog/website. If anyone does proper SEO then we can assure that he/she will definitely get a lot of leads and sales. And those who never ever did SEO on their website then they are doing such a bad job. It’s all about strategy if you use some proper strategy on your website then definitely you will get more leads and sales from your competitors.

Website Audit

Did you ever hear about On-Page SEO? Maybe yes or maybe no. Always remember that On-Page SEO is the most important thing for Search Engine Optimization. After publishing a content on your website the first thing you need to check your Website Audit. Like you have published a content about 6 or 12 months ago but you didn’t get many clicks from Search Engines. Why you didn’t get clicks from Search Engines? Because you didn’t do the On-Page SEO properly. If you did the On-Page SEO perfectly then your content will be on Search Engines First Page. So, On-Page SEO is a must for SEO.

After On-Page SEO you have to more things for Website Audit. You have to check your website ranking, page authority, domain authority, website speed testing, website spam score and much more. You need to check your website ranking continuously because if your website ranking is falling then you have to do proper Website Audit which will help you to increase your website page authority and domain authority. The last thing is Spam Score if your website has spam score then one day definitely Search Engines remove your website from their directory.

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Let PICONETS Do Website Audit For You

We are PICONETS we have been doing Website Audit for very long time. Our clients are too much satisfied by our work. If you hire us for your work we can assure you that you will be never ever disappointed by our work. PICONETS will do Website Audit only for $50. You can find more cheap price services on the internet but money isn’t everything it’s all about quality. And PICONETS will give you the 100% Guarantee quality work for you.

Website Audit For On-Page SEO

  1. Page Errors – We will find your website page errors, redirection errors and blocked pages. After finding these errors we will fix all these errors and submit it to Search Engine Search Console. These things will help you to get a better position on the Search Engines.
  2. Website Meta Errors – We will review your website page title, meta description, and permalinks. We will make your Website Meta more SEO-Friendly and then submit it Search Engines for increasing your website ranking.
  3. Website Content Errors – We will check each and every content of your website. Because we have to find the word count and plagiarism problem. If we found any word count problem then we will tell you and you need to write some extra words for the contents. For plagiarism purpose, if anyone copies your content then we will submit a complaint to Search Engines and then Search Engines will delete the duplicate content from their directory.
  4. Website Image Errors – We will review your website images and if we found that your website images are not SEO-Friendly then we will add the Perfect Alt-Tags. And then your website images will be SEO-Friendly.

Website Audit For Off-Page SEO

  1. Website Ranking – We will check your website ranking continuously and if we see that your website ranking is falling then you have to do some OFF-Page SEO work which will help you to increase your website ranking.
  2. Page & Domain Authority – We will check your website page and domain authority through a paid SEO tool. For increasing your page and domain authority you need to write some high-quality contents. This high-quality contents will help you to increase your page and domain authority.
  3. Website Spam Score – If your website has spam score then it’s too much risk for you to run this website. For that, we will find out the links which have spam score and then we will fix or remove these links and then there will be no more risk.

This is what Website Audit is and this is what PICONETS will do for you. Contact us right now and we will do the best Website Audit only for $50.